Wensleydale Railway - Photo Archive

February 2015


This month we show pictures of the posts installed at Scruton to take the new level crossing gates which will be installed shortly (See the Direct Works team's photo gallery for more pictures of this job.

There are also a couple of pictures showing the reroofing work on the Goods Shed at Leeming Bar. There is also a picture showing our rake of Mark 2 carriages which have recently been to Doncaster to have their wheels reprofiled.

There are a few photos showing developments at Bedale station by the station group.

Finally there are views showing the WR kiosk at the Northallerton mainline station, vegetation clearance at Ainderby, the up signal at Bedale level crossing, the old Bedale Home signal, two pictures of the Infrastructure team and a train at Northallerton West station.

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