Wensleydale Railway - Photo Archive

June 2018


This month we have:-
1. The 'bubblecar' 121032 has now been repainted in dark green.
2. Various diesel locomotives on the line.
3. The Leeming Bar Community Coach in its new paintwork.
4. The new General Manager helping out.
5. Final trackwork to allow the new Leeming Bar shed to be fully used.
6. A ground survey was carried out at Leeming Bar as part of the process for the application of a Heritage Lottery Grant.
7. Vegetation removal.
8. Work by the Direct Works Team - mainly work on the ex Wickham trolley shed being rebuilt at Scruton.
9. An article from the 1931 Meccano Magazine about Wickham trolleys both on our line and the old Nidd Valley line.
10. Work by the Infrastructure Team

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