Wensleydale Railway - Photo Archive

September 2018


This month we have:-
1. A final picture of the J27 class loco belonging to the North Eastern Railway Preservation Society was with us for August
2. A picture at Redmire taken during the recent visit of the London Branch to the Railway
3. The unveiling ceremony of the NRHA Plaque at Scruton Station for winning the NRHA 1st prize for the construction of the wooden platform extension
4. The David Haxby Memorial Train
5. Some vintage tractors at Wensley
6. Tamping of part of the new Leyburn loop - For more photos see the dedicated page
7. The Moors and Dales Races - We assisted in this by providing a special train.
8. The mini track renewal at Redmire - For more photos see the dedicated page
9. Replacing the gates at Ainderby station level crossing at the crossing replacement last month - For more photos see the dedicated page

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