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February 2020


This month we had more photos than would fit into the monthly photo gallery. Therefore there is also a dedicated page for the delivery and assembly of the Portacabins at Leeming Bar - see 'Work at Stations - Leeming Bar'. Also a few other photos have been added to the archive but without being allocated to a photo gallery

This month we have:-
1. Pacer Day - Possibly the first use of Pacers on a heritage railway following their withdrawal from the railway network.
2. Spring cleaning of the tearoom and shop at Leyburn station.
3. Andy Chapman's Farewell Train (Until the end of February he was our PW supervisor).
4. Our railway being used for Tamper training
5. Class 60 locomotive 600050 being delivered to Leeming Bar
6. Work by the Direct Works Team at Leeming Bar and Romanby Foot Crossing.
7. Delivery of Portacabins at Leeming Bar to act as temporary offices during the renovation of the station building.
8. Work by the Infrastructure Teams.
9. Work by the Vegetation Team.
10. Miscellaneous photos

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