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June 2020


Due to the Coronavirus epidemic the railway has been closed, however over the last month volunteer work has been able to restart in several areas. . However the contractor who is restoring Leeming Bar station house has been able to continue with their work funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. There are a few photos of the restoration here.

I am also grateful to a number of volunteers/members, who have supplied various unusual and some older photos to help fill this month's photo gallery. I hope that you enjoy them.

This month we have:-
1. A view of Leyburn station from 1983
2. New arrivals at Leeming Bar.
3. The restoration of Leeming Bar Station House. For more photos see the dedicated restoration photo gallery.
4. Redmire station during Lockdown.
5. The Vegetation Group is now back working and the lockdown.
6. The Direct Works Team is also back and has started restoring some furniture destined for the refurbished Leeming Bar Station House.
7. Some older photos of Aysgarth.
8. Photos of one of the last stone trains in 1992 and of the visit of a Stoneblower in 1996 to the line by Alan Graham

There is also a dedicated photo gallery that shows more photos of the progress of the restoration. here

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