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July 2020


Due to the Coronavirus epidemic the railway has been closed, however over the last month volunteer work has been expanding and getting back to some semblance of normality. The contractor who was restoring Leeming Bar station house has completed their work funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The next stage will be the internal decoration and fittings. There are a few photos of the restoration here.

This month we have:-
1. The restoration of Leeming Bar Station House by the contractor is now complete and the scaffolding is now down. For photos showing the work so far see the dedicated restoration photo gallery.
2. Some more Pacer Units arrive on the line.
3. A couple of photos showing the state of the track prior to the weed killing being carried out.
4. The Weed Killing Unit Mk1 in operation along the line.
5. Some items found in the trackside undergrowth along the line.
6. Neil Guest sorting out the main electrical distribution board at Leeming Bar.
7. The new storage shed on Leeming Bar platform has been painted.
8. The Direct Works Team has been working at Scruton.
9. The Vegetation Group has been working at various places along the line.

There is also a dedicated photo gallery that shows more photos of the progress of the restoration. here

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