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September 2020


Work continues on the redecoration of Leeming Bar Station House which was supported by a Heritage Lottery Grant. However the main focus of work this month has been the preparation work and the start of the major Army Railway Exercise by the Royal Engineers on our railway. They are renewing Wensley Level Crossing, relaying a section of track near Harmby, replacing structural timberwork on the Swale Bridge, along with several other smaller jobs. These are all jobs designed to help the training of the Army Sappers in railway work. This is the first time in about 50 years that the Army has done such an exercise in this country.

This month we have:-
1. Preparation work for the major Army infrastructure exercise on our railway.
2. The first few day of the Army Exercise on our railway.
3. Some work by the Bedale Station Support Group.
4. The leaving do for our Volunteer Coordinator Helan Ashworth. She has left for a new job in Thirsk
5. The restoration of coaches for the Polar Express supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund continues.
6. The restoration of diesel locomotive 33035 is continuing.
7. The Restoration by the Direct Works Team of a Waiting Room Bench for the retored Leeming Bar Station House is progressing.
8. Work by the Direct Works Team on the old Whickam Trolley shed which was moved to Scruton continues.
9. The Temporary Portacabin offices have now been removed from Leeming Bar.
10. The Vegetation Team now have a new storage container at Bedale
11. Work by the Vegetation Team at various locations.

You can see more photos of the work carried out on our line by the Army during this month here

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