Wensleydale Railway - Photo Archive

December 2020


This month we have:-
1. Rishi Sunack (our local MP) visited the railway during December.
2. Some photos from 1988 when Finghall station was used by the BBC in the TV series 'All Creature Great and Small'.
3. Some modern photos of the inside of Finghall station.
4. Various Pacers and Diesel locomotives at Leeming Bar
5. The 9F steam locomotive (in need of serious restoration) has now left Leeming Bar
6. Some Pacers were temporarily stored on our railway for the Aln Valley Railway. These have now gone to their new home.
7. Following the recent maintenance work on our resident class 20 locomotive, it has done a test run to Redmire and back to pick up some wagons.
8. Work by the Infrastructure Team.
9. Work by the Vegetation Team at various locations.
10.Coaches and Pacers stored at Redmire.

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