Wensleydale Railway - Photo Archive

February 2021


Due to the current lockdown only work considered to be essential has been continuing. However work has been able to continue at Leeming Bar to allow us to have the restored Station House ready for when we are able to run trains again. Also other work needed to ensure that trains will be able to run safely. The Vegetation team have also been very busy during the month clearing vegetation.

This month we have:-
1. Work being carried out in the restored Leeming Bar Station House.
2. Work is progressing on a new toilet block at Leeming Bar with the foundations now having been laid.
3. Refurbished doors have been replaced on our Mk2f coach
4. An office is being built in our maintenance workshop at Leeming Bar.
5. The tack relay at Harmby has been completed after being delayed in January due to the heavy snow.
6. A few miscellaneous photos along the line.
7. The Vegetation Team in action.

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