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April 2021 - Part 1


During April a large amount of work has been carried out on the railway, much of it in preparation of service trains starting to run towards the end of May. The amount of photos has necessitated them being split over two photo gallery pages.

This month we have (on this page):-
1. Our class 121 Bubblecar is now back with us after repair.
2. Pacers and a class 60 loco at Leeming Bar.
3. The Bedale Station Cafe is doing good business once it was allowed to reopen for outside sitting.
4. Pacer Units at Bedale.
5. Work is progressing well with the overhaul of two Mk2 coaches in the maintenance shed at Leeming Bar.
6. Thanks to an amazing offer from Diamond Rail, our staff and volunteers have been removing the old Moquette from seat cushions so that they can be recovered.
7. Work is progressing on a new toilet block at Leeming Bar.
8. Our new EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) system which is being installed on the railway.
9. New period style light fitted to the outside of Leeming Bar Station House.
10. The Bedale Station Group have been busy getting Bedale Station back in good condition for when train services restart.

On the other photo gallery page for this month you will find:-
1. The completion of works on Ham Hall Automatic crossing to allow us to run service trains over it again.
2. We are starting to put pedestrian gates at places where footpaths cross our line - first one near Bedale station
3. The Direct Works Team working at Scruton and Leeming Bar.
4. The Vegetation Team working in the Aiskew area.
5. The Infrastructure Team working in the Aiskew area

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