Wensleydale Railway - Photo Archive

June 2021


This month we have:-
1. New platform lighting at Leeming Bar
2. A class 143 Pacer we are getting
3. Our Pacer 144020 seen in a former guise at Malton in 1987
4. A bee swarm removed from Leeming Bar
5. Work in Leeming Bar Maintenance Shed
6. Scruton Station dressed up for visitors
7. The old shop and buffet coaches at Leeming Bar being emptied and then moved to make room for…
8. The ‘new’ buffet coach for Leeming Bar station
9. A volunteers meeting at Leyburn with the presentation of a painting by our new ‘Artist in Residence’
10. Platform One café at Bedale Station celebrated its second birthday
11. A shunter leaving Leeming Bar by road
12. Infrastructure work
13. Earthworks stabilisation near White Cross Bridge
14. Work by the Vegetation Team
15. More ballast and then tamping of the extended track relay between Argill Farm and Harmby cutting

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