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November 2021


During November we completed all the Polar Express preparatory work. Then in the middle of the month we started running the Polar Express Train Ride.

This month we have the following:-
1. The Halloween Specials.
2. Some final coaching stock maintenance for Polar Express.
3. The new Leeming Bar buffet coach is now connected to the electrics.
4. The North Pole village being constructed at Constable Burton.
5. Black Five steam locomotive for Polar Express arriving on our line.
6. Last minute preparations at Leeming Bar for Polar Express.
7. The Polar Express underway.
8. The new toilet block at Leeming Bar is looking good.
9. The mess room for staff at Leeming Bar is now complete/
10. An old road rail machine leaves Leeming Bar.
11. An old newspaper cutting from 1992 concerning our line.
12. New platform lighting at Scruton.
13. Work in our maintenance shed.
14. Our two infrastructure teams which have been replacing sleepers from opposite end of the line meet up.
15. Embankment reinforcement work at Newton le Willows.
16. Some work by the Direct Works team that was done in September and October.

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