Wensleydale Railway - Photo Archive

January 2022


During January both the Vegetation and Infrastructure teams were very busy working on the line.

This month we have the following:-
1. More photos of Polar Express from last month
2. The End of the Line
3. Leeming Bar Station House
4. Work in Leeming Bar shed
5. More progress on the rebuilding an industrial 0-6-0 steam loco
6. Direct Works Team repairing the edge of Bedale platform
7. Direct Works Team replacing the Bedale Signal Box steps (see also the dedicated page)
8. Some signals donated by Network Rail
9. Rectifying some blocked drains on the track
10. The Infrastructure Team renewing the track at Harmby (see also the dedicated page)
11. The Vegetation Team at work

More photos of the Replacement of Bedale Signal Box steps can be see here.

More photos of the Harmby Track relay can be seen here here

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