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February 2023


During February lots of work has been going on on the railway infrastructure. This month we have:
1. The new crossing gates at Crakehall had an official opening for the first train.
2. The first service train of the year.
3. The Aiskew track renewal.
4. Two Pacers based at Bedale to provide services to Leyburn during the Aiskew track renewal.
5. Work by the Bedale Station Support Group.
6. A new electrical workshop and point repairs at Leeming Bar.
7. Renovation work on a Whickham trolley has started.
8. Work on the 0-6-0 steam tank loco continues.
9. Refurbishment of the interior of the class 121 'Bubblecar' and its seating continues.
10. Loco 37250 and other items of rolling stock around Leeming Bar.
11. The Direct Works Team repairing Bedale west crossing gate.
12. Sheffield University are modifying and renovating a Pacer unit to act as a demonstrator unit for their new system for removing leaves from the line.
13. Work by the Vegetation Clearance Team.

More photos of the Direct Works Team repairing Bedale west crossing gate can be seen here

More photos of the official first opening of the new Crakehall Crossing Gates can be seen here

More photos of the Aiskew Track renewals can be seen here

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