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November 2023


During November lots of work has been going on on the railway both in preparation for Polar Express and by our vegetation and Infrastructure teams. This month we have:
1. New platform lighting at both Leeming Bar and Scruton.
2. Enhanced facilities in Bedale Signal Box toilet.
3. Bedale Station Support Group have started their annual work on clearing the embankment.
4. The Black 5 45407 ‘Lancashire Fusilier’ arriving on our line.
5. Setting up and preparations for Polar Express.
6. The refurbishing of a Mk1 coach as a green room for Polar Express actors is completed.
7. Work by the Infrastructure team.
8. Work by the Direct Works Team.
9. Work by the Vegetation Team.
10 Restoration work on both the railway crane and Wickham trolley continued - see below for links to these photos.

For more photos of the conversion of an old Mk1 coach into a 'green room' for the Polar Express actors see here.

For photos of the continuing restoration of the Wickham Trolley see here.

For photos of the continuing restoration of the railway crane see here, here and here.

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