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April 2024


During April lots of work has been going on on the railway, especially by our Engineering Maintenance, Vegetation and Infrastructure teams. This month we have:
1. 24th April 2024 was the 70th anniversary of the closure of Wensleydale line throughout to passenger services.
2. Various locos around Leeming Bar.
3. Leyburn views
4. The catering team on a Fish and Chips special.
5. Work at Bedale Station.
6. The west gate at Bedale level crossing has been replaced (the old one was falling to pieces).
7. The building of the new Constable Burton signal box (ex Hertford East) is progressing well.
8. Our 'new' Seacow ballast wagon is being repainted and has seen service.
9. Loco 37250 is being repainted.
10. A Sentinel diesel loco has arrived at Leeming Bar.
11. Restoration of the Wickham Trolley continues.
12. Restoration of the 0-6-0 steam tank loco continues.
13. Restoration of the Mk2 coach continues (will be needed for Polar Express).
14. The cosmetic restoration of the Lev 1 railcar has been completed and it is now at Locomotion Museum, Shildon.
15. Restoration of an old P-Way Dept mess van for use with the railway crane has commenced.

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