Wensleydale Railway - Photo Archive

June 2024


1. We held a ceremony to unveil the plaque awarded to Bob Coombs at the 2023 National Railway Heritage Awards in London!
2. The class 47 loco the railway has bought.
3. Our class 31 loco has been out and about on trains.
4. Work at Bedale.
5. Photos from Finghall.
6. Loco and rolling stock at Leeming Bar.
7. Both our class 14 locos are in the maintenance workshop.
8. Work continues on the Wickham trolley.
9. Work continues on the restoration of the Mk.2 coach.
10. Work is starting on the restoration of the old P-Way mess van.
10. Work by our Infrastructure Groups.
12. Work by our Vegetation Team.
For photos of 37250 and its appearance at the Keithley and Worth Valley's Diesel Gala see the second page

For recent photos of the Works Mess van that is to be restored as a mess van for our railway crane see here.

For more photos of the restoration of the Wickham Trolley see here

For recent photos of the continuing restoration of the Mk2 Coach see here

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