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Barry Wetherell's Photographs

Opening of the Bedale Community Bakery - June 2011

Shortly before he died, Barry Wetherell passed on to the railway many of his photographs that he had taken over the years. Here is a selection of his photos taken of this event staged to publicise the opening of Bedale Community Bakery at Bedale Station. Some stone ground flour was dispatched from the old mill at Crakehall, and because there is now no station there it was taken to Finghall for the railway to transport it to Bedale station. After a few years the bread bakery moved to different premises close by. The space they had at Bedale station is now occupied by Platform One Tearoom.

You can see a video on YouTube of this event at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBIV_C-U4Pg

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