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Turnout 20 Exercise by the Army Royal Engineers

Part 1 - September 2020

During the fortnight commencing 27th September 2020 the Army Royal Engineers are using our line for a major exercise, to train and practice their Railway Engineering skills. This is first major railway exercise by the Army for over 50 years

They are carrying out a number of training tasks which will also be of great benefit to our railway. These are:-
1. Replacement of Wensley Crossing and the slewing of the track to allow for the possibility a passing loop to be installed there in the future.
2. Relaying 500 yards of track at Harmby
3. The timber baulks on Swale bridge will be replaced with new timbers and the walkways replaced.
4. A few other small jobs.

Although the Army were doing all this as part of an exercise, there was still a lot of costs to us for material and consumables.

Photos below show all the preparatory work and the progress on the first three days of the Army Exercise to the end of September 2020.

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