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New Scruton Station Car Park Entrance Gate

by the Direct Works Team

On 7 March 2014 we were offered a single level crossing gate siting at Shippen House Farm, Leeds 15 (from the Leeds to York Rly).

On an empty return leg Prest's delivered it to Scruton where it laid until Scruton station was finished and opened. It was decided to replace the old metal gate into the car park at the rear of the station, as this would make a larger entrance and the new gate would look more appropriate.

Derek Bailey and Tug Lee had helped out 'chippying' on the main level crossing gates so they got stuck in. They stripped the old gate down and rebuilt it with new timber as appropriate. Master painter Keith Walker did a lot of extra hours with white wood paint and black metal paint.

Next time you pass have a look a genuine (refurbished/restored) old NER gate at the entrance to Scruton Station Car Park.

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