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Scruton Station - Platform Extension

and National Railway Heritage Award

The Railway has been awarded another National prize for the quality of its work. The award was made at the National Railway Heritage Awards, this is an annual celebration of the best of UK heritage railway restoration. This is the 3rd year in a row that WR has won recognition for the excellence of its work, winning a blue plaque in 2015 for Scruton Station restoration, in 2016 the crossing gates at Scruton and now the service platform at Scruton Station - again a blue plaque for best in class. The award was presented by Mark Wild (Managing Director London Underground) and Mark Bonner (Customer Environment & Design Lead London Underground). The Press Release is contained in the photo gallery below.

The platform has been built to a North Eastern Railway design, commonly seen over its system in the North of England, but this is the only example now of its kind. The platform was built by contractor David Harrison assisted by the Direct Works Team. It cost just over £34,000 to build and can receive 3 coach trains. Funding was provided by Scruton Parish Council who secured a Yoreventure grant of £22,280, the balance was provided by the WRA(T) and included a volunteer time contribution of £5,250. The platform was completed in 6 months.

Visitors to Scruton Station will be able to see the new blue plaque on the awards wall. The station is currently opened only for special events - watch the WR website for detail. Regular trains services will start once the level crossing and track improvements between Ham Hall and Leeming Bar are completed.

This photo gallery shows the details of the Award Ceremony and then the construction of the platform extension at Scruton. To allow trains to stop there, the platform extension was in two parts. First a transitional sloping section of traditional solid construction to increase the platform height to the required standard. This was then followed by a three carriage length wooden platform extension to a NER design.

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